Land Sailing with The Warrior #1

This is The Warrior. We have been living and traveling with her since June 11th 2013.         That’s almost 8 months. DSCF0617If we weren’t considered “eccentric” before, it is now official.

Our group consists of my husband Sam Van Cleave Pictured here on Bog Hot Road, September 18th 2013


Sam is a musician, poet, auto mechanic, history major, naturalist, food lover, and the craziest, most brilliant person I have ever met. He is 34 years old, born and raised a river child in and around Eugene Oregon.

Myself, Tegin Helton, here burning a Blue Gum Eucalyptus branch at Anthony Chabot Park, Oakland, California. November 2013:


I am an artist, writer, musician, who has always been a society dropout. I am 28 years old and was born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon.

And Bella, our dearest, most bad ass, natural born traveling cat, pictured here at Anthony Chabot park:

Bella is 16 years old. Her favorite foods are crab and anything seafood. She is a deadly hunter of small rodents and an avid bird watcher. Her favorite activities are running in the moonlight, playing in boxes, sleeping in the sun, and taking walks in wild new places.
Sam and I have always loved traveling and playing music too. It took a lot of different experiences, hours upon hours of talking, and both of our extreme passion and desire to eventually get to where we are now. Where are we now anyhow? I’m not quite sure, it feels like just the beginning of a new adventure. Living on the edge and living for ourselves. Physically, we are now in the East Bay area of California. Okay, it’s a long story, so I think I’ll start not so long ago, in 2013, when we finally took the dive into land sailing with The Warrior. (See next entry, “Transformation For All”)

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