On the Clackamas #3

Sam, Bella and I lived around Portland in our The Warrior from June 11th to July 20th. Our plan was to spend the summer working part-time and getting our music together. We would go camping weekly or bi-weekly, and eat lots of excellent food. But we were too burnt out on our life in Portland and a month into our RV lifestyle, we up and left town. Before that happened we did go camping once a week. Camping with Bella was a joy. She took to the woods like a cat in the wild. She loved to go on walks, howl up at the tall trees, and find strange and interesting things that Sam and I would have overlooked if she were not there. Since then we have developed the “Open-Door-Policy” in effect in certain areas, where she can, like cat’s love to do, go in and out of the RV as she pleases.


Bella exploring rocks on the Clackamas River, Carter Bridge Campground.


Sam sunbathes while Bella explores.


I set up a couple of pieces of the drums to work on our acoustic set with. We were the only people in the campground and had the run of the place! Mid-week July.


If we lose sight of Bella, we know where she is thanks to the local birds alarm calls. This Pileated Woodpecker yelled and dive bombed Bella while she explored the campsite. I had to rescue her from aerial attack


Bella and I wandering around the Douglas Fir, Huckleberries, and Sword Ferns.


This is a cricket of sorts, about 2 inches long I had to chase to get a pic. They are very fast and love water. We found some clinging under rocks just at the water level of the river.Not sure what their name is.


Sam relaxing in a whirlpool that kept him from being swept away in the current. But he wasn’t to relax long. After body surfing down the rapids his wedding ring came off somehow and he spent hours with the snorkel and fins searching the rapids for the lost ring. When I found out what happened, I threw my ring into the river to be with his. It was heartbreaking to lose our rings yet strangely right. We were starting a new life and becoming our new selves. Our old rings had Mt. Hood on them, the tallest mountain in Oregon, to symbolize the strength and size of our love. But we were soon to leave Oregon and become travelers in a larger sense.


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