The Lazy J Ranch #6

Sam and I needed a break and planned to head out to a piece of desert. Where, we weren’t sure, but we had traveled around eastern Oregon’s deserts before and headed that direction. We knew we would go south afterwards so we looked for a likely route, and ended up deciding to go through Albany, then Burns, on our way to our retreat in the desert. On the way we stopped at my father’s house and took care of some repairs and errands while getting a chance to visit with him. Sam’s parents also came up to visit us. We were leaving Oregon soon and it was a last chance to see us for a while.

In Burns, we stayed at our dear friends ranch, The Lazy J. We met John and Marjorie back in September 2009 (Is that right Marjorie?) on one of our massive trips across Oregon. We met at the trail head of Proxy Falls on the Mckenzie river, started talking about books, fall leaves, plant names, and totally it it off. Since then Marjorie and I have kept up writing letters, although I am terrible about replying lately, and we’ve visited back and forth over the years. Our visits are always filled with excellent food, drinks, conversations, beautiful and interesting places, and fun. It was good to stop and visit at that point, since John and Marjorie have been endlessly supportive of our endeavors, they gave us the encouragement that we needed.


Sam, Marjorie and John


Marjorie, John and me


To Bella’s discomfort the turkeys on the farm found in her fascinating, and would follow her around.


Can’t get a moments peace.


Are they still there?

Marjorie actually set up this site for me to do my travel log in, as she is much, much more internet savvy than me. She is always after us to get more modern, she is a independent author and publisher online. She writes very entertaining romance/detective stories and more recently a romance/ sci-fi story, all of which you can access at:

You can also see her blog at where she shares her experiences of her life on the frontier, as well as her travels.


Studying maps, making our plans in the Lazy J’s dining room.

It was there in their dining room that we decided to try NW Nevada’s desert for our retreat. Afterwards, we would try to get as south as possible before our money ran out. We figured the California Bay area was our best bet, for jobs and a hopefully a little sun. September 17th we were on the road again, this time for a much, much needed break.


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